Are you interested in having a Care Team at your apartment complex? Currently we have teams at the following complexes:
We are growing every month and would love to talk with you about putting a Creating Caring Communities program at your complex. Give us a call today at 530.717.2207 or send us an email for more information.
We asked our residents if having a Care Team at their complex affected their living experience. See what a few had to say:
· "It's so nice to belong to a community and have things to bring us together other than just our address.” Sterling Oaks
· "Because of the events we have met our neighbors which makes us feel safe and that we live in a friendly place.” Train Station
· "The Caring Community Team and Program has given me a reason to socialize with others in the community and have something to look forward to.” Forest Avenue
· "Since the Team has lived here and planned events I am so much more connected to the people in this apartment complex.” Amanda Place
· "Since the Team came I feel like I belong to a community and have neighbors who care about me.” Sheridan Square
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