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Why Create Caring Communities?

Let’s face it, developing community and good relationships in an apartment complex isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come naturally for most people. You’re busy, maybe you’re shy or uncertain of how to introduce yourself to your neighbors.

When we know our neighbors we feel safer, we enjoy where we live more, we just feel more connected. Like neighborhoods of old, knowing that your neighbors recognize you and your family brings a sense of security and community. We all like the concept of knowing our neighbors, but how can that happen?

What if someone is focused on intentionally organizing activities so you can meet your neighbors? What if your apartment complex owners are working to help that happen? What if you can live in a community where people care about connecting, and not just about having a place to live?

Creating Caring Communities partners with apartment owners to place a caring community team in an apartment complex to help people get connected to one another. Interested in finding out more?

It’s so nice to belong to a community and have things to bring us together other than just our address.”
– Sterling Oaks

Because of the events we have met our neighbors which makes us feel safe and that we live in a friendly place.”
– Train Station

The Caring Community Team and Program has given me a reason to socialize with others in the community and have something to look forward to.”
– Forest Avenue

Since the Team has lived here and planned events I am so much more connected to the people in this apartment complex.”
– Amanda Place

Since the Team came I feel like I belong to a community and have neighbors who care about me.”
– Sheridan Square