About Us

Creating Caring Communities (CCC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide apartment communities with a Caring Community Team who will work to enrich the lives of residents and staff. Community is at the heart of CCC. Teams accomplish this goal through weekly community events aimed at bringing residents together, individual welcome visits upon move in and being available to assist residents in times of special need. Our goal is to create a community where people know and care for one another, a place to belong.

Creating Caring Communities was birthed out of the vision of our Past Board President, Doug Hignell. As past Chairman of the Board of The Hignell Companies, Doug saw the overwhelming need to build authentic community for the residents of Hignell managed apartment complexes. His desire is to impact communities that would transform individuals spiritually, emotionally and physically. The Caring Community Program is a powerful strategy for this kind of community outreach.

The heart of the strategy is to place Caring Community Teams as an ambassador into an apartment community. These Teams help to intentionally bring a “sense of community” to their complex. Caring Community Teams quickly become the relational “hub” of their community. This relationship and community position are powerful platforms for meeting deeper needs.

The Caring Community Program has as its core value honor. We place a high value on maintaining relationship, not on being right. It is our belief that as Caring Community Teams build genuine relationship with residents that key connections will be made and lives will be richer for having lived in one of our complexes.

It’s so nice to belong to a community and have things to bring us together other than just our address.”
– Sterling Oaks

Because of the events we have met our neighbors which makes us feel safe and that we live in a friendly place.”
– Train Station

The Caring Community Team and Program has given me a reason to socialize with others in the community and have something to look forward to.”
– Forest Avenue

Since the Team has lived here and planned events I am so much more connected to the people in this apartment complex.”
– Amanda Place

Since the Team came I feel like I belong to a community and have neighbors who care about me.”
– Sheridan Square