Lassen Villa Starts a Mom’s Group

The team at Lassen Villa did something brand new in 2019. They started a mom's group!

This group has become a place where many of the women who have felt isolated have found friends in their neighbors. When we started, most of these women didn't know each other and were not connected at all even though they had kids of similar ages.

The group has moved from our stay at home moms not being connected with each other to having social dates without kids, play dates with each other’s children and a safe place to share parenting concerns and frustrations along with victories.

Justin and Natasha, the Creating Caring Communities Team at Lassen Villa had the following to say:

We feel that starting this group has improved all of our lives as all would say that they feel they have a community of people who care about them. Of the hundreds of events we have hosted over the years this is by far one of the best things we have done to connect people and let them know they are not alone.

We are so excited for this step forward in how to be intentional and care for the community. We are looking ahead to more creative ideas to help our neighbors get to know each other and truly feel a sense of home.