Who Doesn’t Love Free Ice Cream?

There is nothing like ice cream to bring people together!

At 1661 Forest Avenue there has always been great turnout at the monthly barbeques. People laugh and connect and have a great time. But recently the team decided to start doing an "Ice Cream at the Pool" event.

Turns out that handing out free ice cream is a great way to help people feel happy and loved. Buster and Lorin, the Creating Caring Communities Team at Forest Avenue just loves being a part of this event. When we asked what they like most they said this:

It is so much fun for us to be a part of this. This event allows for us to linger a lot longer and just connect with people. We also took advantage of the time to connect residents with each other. People really appreciate us helping them to connect and meet other residents. We are learning first hand that our role is much bigger than just us connecting with people.

We have teams at our properties to not only help people meet each other, but also so that residents will know there is someone in their corner if they ever have a need. In a world where people often live close to each other and never talk, our goal is to create a very real sense of community and caring among the residents in our properties.

Today it may be free ice cream or a barbeque, tomorrow it may be an opportunity to really serve each other by meeting tangible needs.