Long Term Residents Dinner a Great Success

Sometimes we think of apartment complexes as very short term living arrangements. People just being there for a year or two as they make plans for buying a home. Recently the team at Sterling Oaks realized that they had an opportunity to think beyond that.

The monthly barbeques have been a great way to get to know people, and through the time at these monthly events the team discovered that there were a number of people who had lived at Sterling Oaks for quite a long time! They decided to do a special event they called the "Long Term Resident Dinner" and invited people who have been residents over 5 years.

The amazing part was that they issued personal invitations for 26 units, and they had 25 people come to the dinner! This was a terrific turnout as many of these units were single occupancy.

The dinner was received warmly and those that attended felt truly honored that they had been invited. There was a lot of fun and laughter, and a lot of thank you's were given for making this event happen.

The team leading the event had this to say:

Over the course of our two years here this was one of our favorite events because it felt like we were just visiting with old friends! Who would have thought living in an apartment complex could be this meaningful!

This is the kind of community living we love to see in our complexes.